ABOUT Oklahoma Values

We’ve all read the headlines:

Oklahoma is facing record budget shortfalls.
Special sessions have to be called because politicians refuse to fix the problems. The Oklahoma legislature is failing us and without real leadership our future and way of life could be threatened.

Fortunately for us Mick Cornett is running for Governor. Mick Cornett’s conservative leadership as Mayor of Oklahoma City has been trumpeted throughout America.

Mick Cornett’s been named “Public Official of the Year” and one of the “five most innovative mayors in the United States” by Newsweek. Since this outsider took over as Mayor, the region has experienced an economic miracle.

Under Mick Cornett’s leadership, an NBA franchise moved to the state of Oklahoma, the wildly popular Thunder, and OKC has had one of the strongest economies and lowest unemployment rates nationwide.

Mick’s led critical infrastructure and public school improvement projects, which have generated nearly $6 billion dollars in local private sector investment. He’s built parks and convention centers. And through investment in education, he’s built lives, futures.

Coming from humble roots as a postal worker and school teacher, Mick’s parents passed on their conservative Oklahoma values and it shows. Through faith and hard work Mick became an award-winning sports broadcaster and news anchor for 20 years, and was ultimately named to the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

Mick Cornett has been a leader all of his life. He’s been called a thinker and a visionary. He’s a doer who gets results. Mick Cornett is just the remedy we need to counter the ineffectual politicians in state government who have put our future at risk.

That’s why we formed Oklahoma Values. It’s an unlimited committee, otherwise known as an independent-­expenditure super PAC, formed for the sole purpose to support Republican Mick Cornett’s candidacy for Governor of Oklahoma.